CP- 192, The Cascade, Ventnor, I.W. D.719. éditions G.Dean & Co

CP- 189, Ventnor, 5242 Blackgang chine, lw, showing freshwater cliffs..., Réal photo by Nighs.

CP- 188, Ventnor, 4688, the gnomes garden, blackgang, I.W, Réal photo by Nighs.

CP- 187, Ventnor, Multi-vues, England Garden Isle, Réal photo by Nighs

CP- 186, Ventnor, Multi-vues, A Motor Tour of the Isle of Wight, Réal photo by Nighs.

CP- 185, Ventnor, 5227 Coloured cliffs, alum bay, and the needles, Réal photo by Nighs